May 07, 2023

Examining Hand Dermatitis and Dermatologic QoL in Nursing Students Amidst the COVID

Jun 8, 2023

The following is a summary of "Investigating Hand Dermatitis and Related Dermatologic Quality of Life Among Nursing Students During the COVID-19 Pandemic," published in the June 2023 issue of Critical Care by Kaçan, et al.

For a cross-sectional descriptive study, researchers sought to examine the prevalence of hand dermatitis among nursing students during the COVID-19 pandemic period and its impact on their dermatologic quality of life.

A total of 241 nursing students participated in the study, which employed a cross-sectional design. Data were collected using a sociodemographic data collection form, a Hand Dermatitis Self-assessment form, and the Dermatological Quality-of-Life Scale.

Among nursing students in clinical practice during the COVID-19 pandemic, 41.9% experienced hand dermatitis. The prevalence of hand dermatitis was significantly higher among participants with a history of allergies compared to those without such a history (P < .01). The most commonly reported symptom associated with hand dermatitis was "irritation and itching in the hands" (53.9%). The Dermatological Quality-of-Life Scale scores were significantly lower for participants with hand dermatitis, indicating a lower quality of life (P < .01). Additionally, participants reported that the use of antiseptic agents (44.8%) was the primary cause of hand dermatitis, while the use of moisturizers (61.8%) was the most frequently adopted preventive measure.

The study's findings demonstrated a high prevalence of hand dermatitis among nursing students during the COVID-19 pandemic. The presence of hand dermatitis was associated with lower dermatologic quality of life. Attention should be given to preventive measures, such as the appropriate use of moisturizers, and to mitigate the occurrence and impact of hand dermatitis in this population.