Jun 01, 2023

Destiny 2: How To Get The Wicked Implement Exotic (& Catalyst)

The Wicked Implement is gained from the Destiny 2 seasonal activity, Deep Dive. Players will hunt down the Taken and search for alien artifacts.

The Wicked Implement is an exotic scout rifle in Destiny 2. It is featured as an unlockable reward in Season of the Deep, which runs until August 22. After that date, only season pass owners can continue to work toward the new gun.

The rifle is gained by participating in Deep Dives, specifically, the Whetstone encounter. Currently, this is a locked challenge until the 10th week of the season, on July 25. This will likely go live as soon as the Destiny 2 weekly reset occurs. However, players can pre-prep by getting comfortable with Deep Dives, the bosses inside, and other challenges.

Deep Dive can be tackled either solo or with two other players as a pre-made or matched party. It can be accessed from the H.E.L.M.'s War Table. Players cannot use Surges for this content but can still implement Threats, meaning the fights will be harder than most standard instance encounters. To make up for this, various Ahsa's Gift buffs will be found throughout the dungeon. These might include more damage, faster movement, or various forms of defense.

The first portion of Deep Dive is Twilight, which will onboard players to what is going on near the bottom of the Destiny 2 sea. Various objectives will appear throughout the instance, such as repairing terminals, defeating creatures, and removing the prevalent Destiny 2 Taken Blight from the zone. Players can also optionally look for secondary items that will increase their seasonal rank progression.

Bosses in the zone include a large Servitor named J4W-S, Kudazad, Bound to Xivu Arath, and Kelgorath, Taken from Bones. Which of these three will appear is based on the number of plants and flora found across the current dive. Each will drop a significant amount of Destiny 2 loot when defeated. Stronger bosses will also show up when entering Deep Dive a second time or beyond, progressing the storyline to Midnight.

While the Wicked Implement scout rifle is not live yet in Destiny 2, data miners and leakers at sites like were able to uncover its perks. It is a Stasis element weapon - meaning it will freeze or slow down targets. This makes it for existing Destiny 2 Stasis builds. Additionally, the rifle will have the following bonus features:

The Catalyst's Masterwork upgrade has not been found yet. It may be related to Deep Dive or other portions of Season of the Deep. It should be revealed on or before July 25.

What exactly the Whetstone encounter details are unknown. It may be related to certain Ahsa's Gifts, the flora found in the depths, or even a third new storyline following Midnight. As it is part of the seasonal Destiny 2 challenges, finding the event will likely come naturally. Until July, players should continue to do Deep Dive runs so that they can easily sweep through it in the future.


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