May 20, 2023


Early-bird registration for "Catalyst," the premier Web3 conference of CoinMarketCap, is now open. On February 21–22, 2024, the conference will be held at the (Lisbon Congress Centre, Portugal). The world's top brains in technology, art, philosophy, and finance will come together at Catalyst to reimagine the future of Web3.

The Conference, which was initially planned to take place in October 2023, has been moved to February 2024. The event planners carefully considered their options before making this choice. With its altered schedule, CoinMarketCap's Catalyst conference will be more valuable to attendees, speakers, and the industry at large, given the already crowded European conference calendar in Q4 2023.

Tickets for this intimate event are scarce and will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis via the Catalyst website. Fiat can be used to pay for the tickets.

Lisbon is ideal for this historical event, with the European crypto sector flourishing there. The Catalyst conference will offer a forum for creative debates and partnerships that will influence the direction of the sector. Professionals and fans alike should take advantage of this chance to network, share ideas, and push for the next significant development in the cryptocurrency industry.

Rush Luton, CEO of CoinMarketCap, said that Catalyst would bring together experts "to collaborate and learn about upcoming trends, challenges, and opportunities." In alignment with the conference's title, Luton stated, "Catalyst is designed to spark new ideas and initiatives."

Participants in the conference can anticipate a high-caliber event, including some of the most well-known names in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries. On the Catalyst website's official store, tickets are offered. On the newsletter and social media channels of CoinMarketCap, attendees may keep up with upcoming announcements.