Inetgrated Sewage Treatment Sewage Treatment Chemicals

Inetgrated Sewage Treatment Sewage Treatment Chemicals

Overview Product DescriptionDye Wastewater Treatment The objects of dye wastewater: printing and dyeing factories, cloth


Basic Info
After-sales Service Field Installation
Warranty Support 1 Year
Type Sewage Treatment
Method Sewage Treatment
Usage Industrial, Home, Agriculture, Hospital
Delivery 40-45 Days
MOQ 1 Set
Installation Type Underground / Onground
Operation Automatic
Applications Industrial,Municipal,Domestic,Medical,Ship
Voltage Customerized
Place of Origin Jiangsu,China
Trade Mark Hg
Color Customerized
Power Resource 220V/380V/415V/450V or Others
Transport Package by Ship/Road
Specification 1-100m
Trademark HG
Origin China
HS Code 8421219990
Production Capacity 30 Sets/Month
Product Description
Dye Wastewater Treatment

The objects of dye wastewater: printing and dyeing factories, clothing washing factories, garment factories, woolen factories, the main characteristics are: (1) high organic content, strong toxicity and difficult to biodegrade; (2) complex composition; (3) high chromaticity ; (4) The discharge volume is large and the treatment is difficult, the waste water is discharged intermittently, and the water quality and quantity change greatly with time.

Inetgrated Sewage Treatment Sewage Treatment Chemicals

Medical wastewater treatment

Hospital sewage contains some special pollutants, such as drugs, disinfectants, diagnostic agents, detergents, as well as a large number of pathogenic microorganisms, parasite eggs and various viruses, such as roundworm eggs, hepatitis virus, tuberculosis and dysentery bacteria, etc. . The sewage is a low-concentration sewage with a water quality similar to that of ordinary domestic sewage. In addition to organic and inorganic pollutants, such as various drugs, disinfectants, surgical waste and other pollutants, it also contains a large number of bacteria, viruses and parasites. Insects are more complex. Compared with industrial sewage and domestic sewage, it has the characteristics of small water volume and strong pollution. If the sewage is directly discharged into the water body without treatment, it will inevitably pollute the water source, spread diseases, and cause serious pollution to the surrounding waters and soil, thus endangering people's daily life.

Inetgrated Sewage Treatment Sewage Treatment Chemicals

Advanced treatment of chemical wastewater

Chemical wastewater occupies a large proportion in the total discharge of industrial wastewater, and has the characteristics of large discharge, complex water quality, and many toxic and harmful substances. As the effluent indicators become more and more stringent, chemical wastewater, due to its characteristics and composition, requires advanced treatment of refractory organic matter, dissolved inorganic matter, nutrients containing nitrogen and phosphorus, and toxic and harmful substances remaining in the wastewater.Wastewater treatment technology is divided into mineralization (biodegradation, redox) and separation (evaporation, adsorption, membrane, resin) according to the mechanism of action of the object. Taking into account the remaining substances in the biochemical effluent, Under the premise that the front-end process is more reasonable, the advanced treatment technology is generally no longer recommended to use biological treatment technology, and separation technology often requires the use of subsequent technologies. At the same time, the operation steps are cumbersome and the cost is high. Relatively speaking, it is more appropriate to use chemical mineralization technology at the end.
Domestic sewage treatment

Integrated sewage treatment equipment is mainly used in residential quarters (including villas), high-end hotels, hospitals, comprehensive office buildings, printing and dyeing plants, chemical plants and other small wastewater treatment manufacturers and units.
process flow chart
Sewage → conditioning tank → A-level biological tank → O-level biological tank → MBR membrane reaction tank → disinfection tank → discharge
Pesticide wastewater treatment

There are a wide variety of pesticides and the water quality of wastewater is complex. Its main characteristics are:
1) The pollutant concentration is high, and the COD can reach tens of thousands of mg/L;
2) It is highly toxic. In addition to pesticides and intermediates, the wastewater also contains toxic substances such as phenol, arsenic, mercury, and many substances that are difficult to degrade by organisms;
3) It has a foul odor and is irritating to the human respiratory tract and mucous membranes;
4) The water quality and quantity are unstable, and the seasonal changes are large.
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Inetgrated Sewage Treatment Sewage Treatment Chemicals

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Inetgrated Sewage Treatment Sewage Treatment Chemicals

Jiangsu Huigang Technology, an international technology-oriented manufacturing&engineering group company,specialized in gloves making equipment,water treatment equipment,environmental protection equipment meanwhile providing services of project consulting, engineering design, construction supervision, project management and general contracting.We have strong technical support. There are more than 300 personnel in Huigang Technology, of which 40% are professional technicians. Around 10 are Middle and senior engineer and over 30 personnel own professional registered certificates. After all these years, We adhere to the principle of "Quality first, service-orientation" and try to provide the best products and service to more than 10 countries in the world, especially in Africa,Asia, Middle East,and South America, which earns us a great reputation. We warmly welcome you to our company and create brilliance together! FAQ

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