Minstrong Volatile Organic Compounds Voc Removal Catalyst/Voc Dealing/Voc Treatment/Voc Exhausting/Voc Absorbent/Voc Reduction/Voc Destruction Catalyst

Minstrong Volatile Organic Compounds Voc Removal Catalyst/Voc Dealing/Voc Treatment/Voc Exhausting/Voc Absorbent/Voc Reduction/Voc Destruction Catalyst

Overview Product Description Minstrong VOC catalysts produced by our company adopt optimized formula and process for VOC


Basic Info
Model NO. Minslite
Usage Positive Catalyst, Negative Catalyst
Effect Size Primary Catalysts
Manufacturing Method Method of Precipitation
Application Industry Industry
Color Black / Brown Black
Customization Available
Effective Content 80% Min
Specific Surface Area 200 M2/G Min
Bulk Density 0.7 G/Ml
Strength 40 N/Cm Min
Moisture 3% Max
Packing Iron Barrel with Plastic Lining or as User′s Need
Transport Package Iron Barrel with Plastic Lining;
Specification pellet, granule, powder, honeycomb
Trademark Minstrong
Origin China
HS Code 38151900
Production Capacity 1000 Tons Per Year
Product Description
Minstrong VOC catalysts produced by our company adopt optimized formula and process for VOC catalytic reaction.It has characteristics of high strength, high conversion rate, low cost.

The main active ingredients of the catalyst is active composite metal oxide. In addition to catalytic oxidation of VOC, it also has the function of disinfection and sterilization. The long-term use of the catalyst will not breed bacteria and mold.

Product Parameters

VOC Removal Catalyst Technical Data
ApperanceBlack / Black Brown
Active Effective Constituent85% min
Specific Surface Area≥ 200 m2/g
Strength40-200 N/cm
Moisture3% max
Bulk Density0.7 ± 0.05 g/ml
VOC removal efficiencyCan reach 100%

Size Specification Available

TypeTypical SizesOther Sizes
PelletDiameter 1.1 mmAll sizes from pellet 1.1mm to 9mm can be produced, such as pellet diameter 2mm, 4mm, etc.
Diameter 3 mm
Diameter 5 mm
Diameter 9 mm
Granule4-8 MeshDifferent granule sizes can be produced as your request.
8-14 Mesh
6-12 Mesh
10-16 Mesh
12-20 Mesh
PowderFiner than 80 MeshFiner than 80 Mesh
Spherality BallDiameter 2mm-10mmProduced as your request.
Honeycomb100x100x50mmProduced as your request.
Note: Catalyst specification parameters can be customized according to requirements.

Packaging & Shipping

General Packing: 25 KG/30 KG in iron barrel with moisture-proof plastic bag inside, Packing based on user's needs.For quantity below 2 tons, Minstrong can deliver the Hopcalite catalyst within 7 days.Shipping Port: Shanghai/other port as requestAir transportation, ocean transportation, railway transportation and truck transportation are available.

Our Advantages

1) The raw materials and production process of the product are completely independent and controllable, and can be supplied stably for long-term;2) Anual output higher than 1200 tons;3) Minstrong can provide you with professional catalyst application consultation, and design a reasonable exhaust gas treatment solution based on Minstrong's high-performance catalyst;4) Minstrong can guide you in the design of process and equipment for free;5) Minstrong can provide you with the construction of test equipment, as well as the design, manufacture and installation of supporting catalytic reactors;6) Minstrong can provide you with on-site catalyst loading and debugging guidance.

Company Profile

Minstrong begin catalyst research and production since 1981. We believe, only focus can be professional.

Minstrong Technology , is a high-tech enterprise with high-performance catalyst research and development and manufacturing as its core business. Minstrong products involve Hopcalite catalysts, carbon monoxide catalysts, ozone destruction catalysts, ozone filter destructor, VOC catalysts, and active manganese dioxide catalysts, activated copper oxide catalysts and other catalyst materials. The catalyst materials are are exported to all over the world, widely used in industrial tail gas treatment, water treatment, health care, electronic information, semiconductor and other industries.

Minstrong has established a complete catalyst research and development system and production process control system.The production process is completely independent and controllable, the product quality is stable.

Minstrong Innovation Center has multiple laboratories and pilot workshops. Based on advanced technology and rich experience, Minstrong can provide you with reliable catalysts and help you achieve the best application of catalysts.

Questions You May Care About

1) Can I get sample?In order to help you know our products better, our factory would like to offer free sample after mutual communication.2) How to replace catalysts of other brands?Minstrong catalyst has excellent performance and low bulk specific gravity. You can achieve the same effect by replacing other brand catalysts with the same volume, and you can save 1/3 of the cost.3) How do I determine the specification and dosage of the catalyst?According to your working conditions, we can select catalysts with appropriate specifications and calculate reasonable dosages.4) How can I compare the cost of catalyst?Catalysts are not consumable materials, and are generally calculated according to volume. It is necessary to calculate the comprehensive cost of catalysts based on important factors such as specific gravity, catalytic efficiency, and service life, and at the same time assess the technical and service capabilities of suppliers to prevent after-sales risks5) What should I do if I don't know how to use the catalyst?We will design a reasonable process flow according to your working conditions, and provide you with one-stop services such as catalyst selection, test plan formulation, device design and manufacture, and on-site commissioning.

Thank you for your patient reading! We welcome your inquiry.

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