Special Lead Salt Stabilizer for PVC Plastic Additives

Special Lead Salt Stabilizer for PVC Plastic Additives

Overview Product introduction Lead salt stabilizers can be divided into two categories: monomer and composite. In China,


Basic Info
Model NO. KQ315
HS Code 3812399000
Production Capacity 500 Mt a Month
Product Description

Product introduction

Lead salt stabilizers can be divided into two categories: monomer and composite. In China, lead salt stabilizers are basically used as the main stabilizers. The composite lead salt heat stabilizer uses the symbiotic reaction technology to mix the three salts, two salts and metal soap in the reaction system with the initial grain size and various lubricants, so as to ensure the full dispersion of the heat stabilizer in the pvc system. At the same time, because it is co melted with the lubricant to form particles, it also avoids poisoning caused by lead dust. The composite lead salt stabilizer contains the heat stabilizer components and lubricant components required for processing, and is called the full package heat stabilizer.

About the CompanyBontecn Group China, formerly known as Longyang Chemical, was established in 2003. It is a group company specializing in the production of plastics and rubber additives. It is a professional enterprise integrating scientific research, development, sales, service and investmentThe company is committed to developing products with international advanced level, and the raw materials needed for production are also purchased from the world's top technology manufacturers, with stable and reliable quality. At present, the company has 5 senior R&D personnel, more than 20 intermediate R&D personnel, and more than 20 cooperative teams With advanced process technology and perfect detection means, we constantly explore, devote ourselves to research and development, and cooperate with scientific research institutes all the year round to constantly develop new products and processes At the same time, we have established a strict production control system and quality management system, adhere to the market-oriented and user centered business policy, and strive to provide customers with satisfactory products and considerate services. Our products have been exported to North America, Latin America, the European Union, Asia Pacific, Africa and other countries and regions Since its establishment, the company has been deeply praised and recognized by customers at home and abroad with the business philosophy of "promoting development with quality and cooperation with integrity", and has won a good reputation in the industryProduct advantages

1. It has excellent thermal stability and weather resistance, as well as antioxidant light stability.2. Balanced and efficient lubricity, promote plasticization, make the pipe wall thin and even, and have good surface finish. Good dispersibility, improve impact resistance of products.3. The products meet the sanitary standards of water pipes, without dust pollution, easy to use, and reduce labor intensity.

Technical indicators:
AppearanceWhite patchy
Melting temperatureºC≥70.0
Heating decrement %≤3.0
Density g/ml≥1.9
Product applicationUsed for plastic products such as pipes, profiles, pipe fittings, plates, injection molding, blow molding films, cable materials, etc;Packaging and storageStorage and transportation: It shall be stored in a ventilated and dry place, protected from moisture, sun, fire and other chemicals.
Packaging: paper plastic composite or woven bag, lined with plastic bag, net weight 25kg
Certification datacommon problem

1. Can you provide samples to customers for free?
Yes, we can provide free samples to help you with the test, but we need to charge the freight.
2. How to order products?
You can ask us about product prices and product questions online, and we will reply to your questions as soon as possible.
3. Does the testing process provide technical assistance?
Yes, we have a professional technical team that can assist you in sample testing and provide technical assistance to customers.
4. Some product transportation problems:
For the samples you need, we can deliver them to you through international express delivery such as Shunfeng, Deppon, etc. For bulk goods purchased in bulk, we will ship them to you by sea. You can inform us in advance of your nearest port, and we promise to deliver them to you.
5. How to save the product?
During loading and unloading, keep it clean to prevent exposure to the sun, rain, high temperature and humidity, and to avoid damage to the package. It shall be stored in a cool, dry warehouse without direct sunlight and at a temperature lower than 40 ºC for two years. After two years, it can still be used after passing the performance inspection.
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